Dlareg Namisalo

Setyembre 15, 2010

Alone in a Town

Filed under: ang simula — namisalo @ 12:39 hapon

I can’t hear any sound ,

This must be a lonely town

Loneliness can pull me down

But i am here to have some fun ,

But i can’t see anyone ,

Staying here is bringing me down

I am now alone in a town ,

I don’t know how to survive

in my everyday life ,

I feel like i’m in the dark ,

I must be free from life!

I can’t hear any sound ,

In this lonely town

Finding love is hard to find ,

The only thing that bears on my mind

Can i still survive ?

Let me realize!


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  1. i love this one..at frst mejo confusing pe0 at the end mllman muh..

    _mrun0ng k pla gmwa ng s0ng..

    Komento ni jhez — Setyembre 20, 2010 @ 1:03 hapon | Sagutin

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